Electrooptically tunable filters for fiber optic networks

Prof Eknoyan

Prof Taylor

 The goal of this research is to demonstrate unprecedented tuning range and speed in electrooptically tunable filters for dense wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) using recently developed design principles and fabrication methods.  The devices, which are being produced on LiNbO3 substrates, feature a novel "sparse grating" design as illustrated in Fig. 1 to provide low crosstalk and wide intrachannel bandwidth.   Nanolithography will be needed for precise control of both the positions and widths of the strain-inducing strips as required for optimized device performance.  This project has created significant industrial interest from the 3M optoelectronics division.[i]





Figure 1.  Tunable spectral slicing optical add-drop multiplexer (OADM).






Figure 2. Slow wave electrooptic light modulator.


[i] See supporting documentation.