Center for Chemical Characterization and Analysis (CCCA)
Name X-ray Diffraction Laboratory
Room # 2408 Building CHEM
Director Darensbourg, Donald
Manager Reibenspies, Joseph
Website Phone # 979.845.9125

The purpose of this laboratory is to provide x-ray diffraction analysis to the Texas A & M University system. Our main focus is to determine molecular structure from single-crystal samples and to preform high resolution x-ray powder diffraction. The laboratory is a primary tool to researchers in Biochemistry, Geology, Chemistry, Physics, Engineering and Material sciences. We are the only full service x-ray diffraction laboratory in the TAMU system that provides both single-crystal and powder diffraction. We provide services to outside users on a collaborative basis.


1 6 X-ray Diffraction Instruments (3 for single crystals, 1 for crystalline solids, and 2 for powder)

2 Small Angle X-Ray Scattering Instrument (delivery date : July 2003)

3 He Cryostat ( Min T 25K)

4 4 N2 Cryostat ( Min T 90K)