Name Polymer Technology Center (PTC)
Department Mechanical Engineering
Room # 208 Building ENPH
Director Morgan, Roger & Sue, Hung-Ju

Manager Moon, Sung-Won
Website Phone # 979.862.2054

The Polymer Technology Center serves the state of Texas and the nation by providing the best possible polymer science and engineering education, grounded in engineering fundamentals, to prepare our students to be leaders in the polymer industry. The PTC is works with the following laboratories: Electron Microscopy Center, Mechanical Property Testing, Polymer Micro structural Analyses, Polymer Processing, Polymer Rheology, Spectroscopy, and X-Ray Scattering.


1 Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analyzer

2 Eumetric System III Microdieletrumeter

3 Fourier Transform Infrared System

4 HaakeBuchler Rheocord System

5 Melt Index (214)

6 Micro Hardness/Interfacial Testing System

7 Moisture Diffusion and Oxygen Diffusion Testing Machine

8 Olympus BX60

9 Optical Microscopy/Digital Image Analysis System

10 Perkin Elmer Pyris 1- Differential Scanning Calorimeter

11 Rheometrics RDSII: Dynamic Spectrometer

12 Brookfield Rheology

13 Brookhaven Light Scattering Unit

14 Contact Angle Goniometer

15 Digilab FTIR Spectrometer

16 Florescent Spectrometer

17 Matson FTIR Spectrometer

18 MTS Direct Shear Rheometer

19 Rigaku RU200 Small and Wide Angle X-Ray Scattering Units

20 Haze Measurement

21 Heat Distortion

22 Instron 1125

23 Instron 1127

24 MTS 810

25 MTS 810 with #340 Load Frame

26 Satec Creep Stands

27 Sintech 2 Material Test System

28 TMI Impact Testing Machine

29 1.5" Eagen Blown Film Line

30 Boy 15S Injection Molding Machine

31 Drake Compression Molding Press

32 Killion 1" Extruder With Pelletizer

33 Van Dorn 75-Ton Injection Molder

34 Accuatom Saw

35 Blue M Humidity Chamber

36 Diamond Saw

37 Extruder with Cooling Roller and Pelletizer

38 Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC)

39 Interfacial Testing System

40 Quantitative Image Analysis Set-up

41 Scratcher

42 Tenslkut Router


DMTA HaakeBuchler Rheometer Mass 1000


Mass 500 Olympus BX60 Optical Micro




Heat Distortion Instron 1125 Instron 1127



MTS 810 Satec Creep Stands Sintech 2


TMI Impact Molding 75-Ton Injection Molder



Humidity Chamber Diamond Saw Extruder

GPC Scratcher