Name Optical Biosensing Laboratory
Department Biomedical Engineering
Room # 143 Building WERC
Director Cote’, Gerald
Manager N/A N/A
Website Phone # 979.845.4196

This laboratory supports research into the design and fabrication of optical diagnostic, therapeutic and sensing systems.  The laboratory maintains electronic fabrication systems, and computers for design and communications.  It also serves as a work area and display for senior design and graduate student projects in biomedical optics.


·1 Polarimetric Glucose Sensor

·2 Fluorescence for Analyte Detection

·3 Incubator

·4 FT-IR Spectrometer

·5 Raman Spectroscopy

·6 Microdialysis Probe

·7 NMR Spectroscopy

·8 Optical Spectroscopy

·9 Monochromator

·10 Spectrograph Camera

·11 Camera Controller

·12 Mattson Galaxy 5100 Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy

·13 Stokes Vector-Mueller Matrix

·14 Photographic Microscope

Utilization/ Percentage Biomedical Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Veterinary College





·1 Staff Funding

·2 Facility Maintenance Support


In Vitro In Vivo Incubator


Mattson Galaxy 5100 Spectrometer