Name Materials and Structures Laboratory
Department Aerospace Engineering
Room # 015 Building HRBB
Director Lagoudas, Dimitris
Manager Inmon, Rodney
Website Phone # 979.845.5290

Materials and Structures Laboratory is designed for thermomechanical testing and characterization of materials in varying environments (Elevated temperatures, Cryogenic temperatures and Vacuum). The facility is equipped with sample preparation and microscopic observation equipment. The facility also accommodates equipment for fabrication of dense and porous samples from metallic or Ceramic powders.


1 MTS Axial, Closed Loop, Servo Hydraulic Test Systems with Load Capacities Ranging from 20 to 100 KIP's

2 Adelaide Axial - Torsional, Closed Loop, Screw Driven Test System

3 Asea Brown Bovari Hot Isostatic Press

4 Leica MEF 4M Inveterted Light Microscope with Brightfield, Darkfield, Polarized Light, Polarization Contrast and Differential Interference Contrast, and Hi-Res CCD Camera for Digital Imaging

5 Perkin-Elmer Pyris 1 Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC)

6 Centorr Furnace

7 Creep Frames

8 Telescopy Microscope

9 Adelaide Test Manufacturer


Centorr Furnace Polisher Adelaide Test Manufacturer


Leica MEF 4M Inverted Light Microscope Creep Frames Perkin-Elmer Pyris 1 DSC


Hot Isostatic Press MTS 810


MTS 880 MTS Chamber Various Furnaces