Center for Chemical Characterization and Analysis (CCCA)
Name Mass Spectrometry
Room # 0041 Building CHEM
Director Russell, David
Manager Tichy, Shane
Website Phone # 979.845.8404

Provides expertise in mass spectrometry to all TAMU research activities. This includes the analysis of organic compounds ranging from small molecules to large biological molecules including proteins, DNA, RNA, and natural products.  To accomplish the research objectives, the LBMS maintains a complete inventory of routine and cutting-edge mass spectrometers.  In addition, the LBMS research scientist are actively involved in the development of new analysis methods and techniques and the development of next-generation instrumentation for analysis and sample handling, including robotics and micro fluidics.


1 Thermafinnigan LCQ Deca

2 HP 5970 GC/MS

3 ABI 4700 TOF-TOF

4 PE Sciex QStar Pulsar

5 ABI Voyager-DE STR


Thermafinnigan LCQ Deca

HP 5970 GC/MS


 PE Sciex QStar Pulsar

ABI Voyager-DE STR