Name Materials Characterization Facility (MCF)
Department Chemistry
Room # 110A Building DRTY
Director Crooks, Richard
Manager Lackowski, William
Website Phone # 979.848.1477

The Materials Characterization Facility (MCF) is a multi-user laboratory designed to support the research efforts of the community at Texas A&M University. The MCF houses both fabrication and characterization instrumentation for the rapid prototyping and characterization of lithographically based micro-chemical systems with critical lateral length dimensions on the order of 1 micron or greater. The MCF has been designed to allow users a high degree of accessibility and flexibility not typically found in clean room environments; thereby, making hybrid, multi-material, integrated devices possible.


1 350 sq. ft. Class 1000 Soft-Wall Clean Room (AirCrafters)

2 Mask Aligner (Quinte Q-4000)

3 Evaporative Metal Deposition System (BOC Edwards Auto 306)

4 3-D Optical Microscope (Hirox 3-D scope)

5 Stylus Profilometer (Dektak III)

6 Spin Coater (Specialty Coating Systems P6206)

7 Water Purification System (Millipore Academic)

8 Imaging X-Ray Photoelectron Spectrometer (Kratos Axis Ultra)

9 Multi-Mode AFM/STM (Digital Instruments Nanoscope IIIA)

10 Nano-Indenter with Nano-Newton Force Resolution and AFM Imaging (Hysitron TriboIndenter)

11 Reactive Ion Etcher-March Plasma System


AFM/STM Profilometer 3-D Microscope




Nanoindenter Metal Evaporator Imaging XPS





Mask Aligner