Name Thin Film Microelectronics Research Laboratory
Department Chemical Engineering
Room # 335 Building ZACH
Director Kuo, Yue
Manager N/A N/A
Website Phone # 979.862.9807

The main activities of the laboratory include new electronic material (semiconductors, dielectrics, high k gate dielectries, low k interlayer dielectrics, and conductors), novel processes (RIE, PECVD, PRTA, and lithography), and advanced devices (thin film transistors, MOS, biochips, and applications in VLSI, LCD, sensors, etc.). The ultimate goal is to determine the fundamental relationships which relate material properties and their processing conditions to device characteristics and to develop high-performance, highly reliable, manufacturable semiconductor devices for current and future applications.


1 Thin Film Deposition and Thermal Tubes

2 Plasma Etching/RIE

3 Lithography

4 Device Characterization and Reliability

5 Process and Material Characterization