Center for Chemical Characterization and Analysis (CCCA)
Name Elemental Analysis Laboratory (EAL)
Department Chemistry
Room # G21 Building TEAG
Director Schweikert, Emile
Manager James, Dennis
Website Phone # 979.845.7630

This facility is focused to provide elemental analytical capabilities that are not otherwise available on campus. While the primary purpose of the laboratory is to support TAMU research, the unique capabilities in radio-analytical methods makes the laboratory an important resource for service analysis for other universities, government agencies and industrial users. The laboratory offers NAA services to outside entities on either a collaborative basis or by fee for service.


1 Thermal (reactor-based) and Fast (accelerator-based) Neutron Activation Analysis (NAA) to include Four High Resolution Germanium Gamma-Ray Detector Systems

2 Compton Suppressed Gamma-Spec System

3 Kaman Sciences A711 Neutron Generator

4 Perkin Elmer ICP Mass Spectrometer

5 Energy Dispersive Xray Fluorescence (EDXRF) System (to be delivered in first quarter CY2003)

Neutron Generator Perkin Elmer DRCII,

LA-ICP-MS system


Compton Suppression Gamma-Spectrometer 1 MW TRIGA Research Reactor

Innovative Technologies

Inert Atmosphere Glove Box